Simply Cyn

    One of Cyn's biggest frustrations is when she has an image inside her head and no way to share it with the world. It's not exactly a good idea to try and shove a camera inside one's thoughts.

And so Cyn picked up a paint brush and started applying acrylics and oils to a canvas. She was pleasantly surprised with the results and discovered a passion for the art form.

Art Prints
She quickly tackled a portrait since she'd never
 been pleased with a drawn portrait and wondered if her technique was more suited to the paint medium.

As she is self taught she has her own unique style of building a painting. Very rarely does she mix each shade that she uses. She applies base colors and then adds pure white and black for highlights and shading.

This gives the image added contrast and depth that she tries to capture in all styles of art. Prints of her paintings are also available in the shop, in varying sizes on paper and canvas.

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